Are James Heal Reference Detergents Biodegradable?

James Heal Reference Detergents can be classified into two generic types: - IEC or ECE type "A" - IEC or ECE type "B"

The following ecological data are estimated on the basis of the raw materials contained in the
product and/or of structurally comparable substances.
The surface active agents (surfactants) contained in the products are in the mean degradable by
at least 90%.

Type A
In tests for ready degradability (e.g., OECD 301 A-F) the total organic products contained in the
product achieved values below 60 % BOD/COD and 70 % DOC reduction.
Type B
The sum of the organic components of the product reach a degradability of approximately 60 %
BOD/COD and about 70 % DOC-reduction.
The limits for classification as "easily degradable/readily degradable" are at least 70 % DOCreduction and at least 60 % BOD/COD within 28 days.

Therefore, we can say that Type A Reference Detergents cannot be classified as readily

However, Type B Reference Detergents are just within the limits of classification and
can be described as readily degradable.