Blue Wool References
  2. Blue Wool References

What are the Blue Wool Standards for Storage and what is the shelf Life?

If properly stored, these test materials can be used for at least two years in an unrestricted standard-compliant manner for determining and evaluating colour fastness to light and weathering. 

Proper storage means: In the original packaging and in a dry, dark place – in any event, protected from direct sunlight and as cool as possible, but in no event at a temperature above 25°C. In an environment free of chemicals and air pollutants.

With the blue wool light fastness standards, it is particularly important that measures are consistently taken to protect them from unintentional exposure to daylight and/or artificial light. When not in use, these should therefore always be stored between the black sun protection boards and, if possible, any exposure to light that is not related to the actual test should be avoided.