Can FlexiFrame be used in place of a Fryma Extension Tester?

The FlexiFrame and the Fryma Extension Tester comply with different standards and methods. There is no reported correlation between results achieved on these instruments. James Heal cannot offer advice or guarantee that correct results would be achieved with the Fryma methods performed on FlexiFrame. 

FlexiFrame is manufactured by James Heal.


It is fully compliant with ASTM D3107, ASTM D2594, Arcadia AG31 part ii, and the Ralph Lauren Test Method for Stretch Properties of Fabrics Woven from Stretch Yarns. FlexiFrame is a much larger multi stationed instrument which can be either wall mounted in multiples of 3 stations, or a 6 stationed wheel based unit.

Specimens range in size according to the standard and test method being used. Specimens are fixed vertically into place by a clamp or hanger. They are then either clamped and stretched to a known extension or stretched with the aid of weights attached to a bar or hanger.

Weights are available in 1lb, 3lb and 8lb. They can be combined to reach the desired weight for the standard.

The Fryma Extension Tester is not manufactured by James Heal. 

The instrument is a compact, bench mounted device in which small test specimens are placed horizontally.  The specimens are clamped in and then stretched to a set distance by turning the handle at the end of the instrument. 3kg weights which hang off the end of the bench can be added to assist in the stretching of the specimen. The specimen is removed from the instrument and measured.