Does AccuDry comply with AATCC standards?

AccuDry is compliant with AATCC standards.

AATCC standards contain differences in their specifications for washers and dryers. However, changes to standards have been made in order to assist textile producers, laboratories and specifiers, in particular those standards which concern tumble dryers.

AATCC developed a set of guidelines for the standardisation of laundering conditions to provide a consistent set of test conditions for all test methods involving home laundering. 

This is known as Monograph M6 (2017).

This document provides precise specifications to which the washers and dryers must comply.                       

For washer machines, this includes: 

  • Water temperature
  • Minimum water level
  • Spin speed

For dryers this includes :

  • Max exhaust temperature

AccuDry does comply with the specifications set out in Monograph M6.

The extract below is taken from the AATCC website.


There are physical differences in drum size between the larger US models and the smaller European models such as AccuDry. James Heal cannot guarantee that equivalent performance would be achieved. Drum size is not specified in Monograph M6.