Does James Heal supply consumables for standards TL 226 & PV 3906?

TL 226 and PV 3906 are carried out on CrockMaster.

These standards state to use polyetherurethane foam as per DIN EN ISO 12947–1, and nettle fabric as per DIN EN ISO 105-X12.

It would appear that there has been a mis-translation as DIN ISO 105-X12 does not use any other consumable product as a substitute for crocking cloth, however TL 226 and PV 3906 both use the phrase “nettle fabric” in place of the phrase “cotton crocking cloth”

Both these standards state James Heal as a source of supply and the pictures published in the standard clearly show crocking cloth. 

Available from James Heal:

Polyetherurethane Foam

(786-255) Pack of 50 sheets (375 x 250mm)

(786-256) Pack of approx. 2000 pre-cut 38mm diameter discs

ISO Crocking Cloth

(702-540) Pack of 500, 5cm x 5cm pieces