How can I check if TruBurst is working correctly between calibrations?

Verification foils are a quick and easy way to check if a TruBurst is performing correctly between instrument calibrations.

They should be used if:

  • Questionable results are seen
  • The instrument appears to be performing incorrectly
  • Increased validity for specific testing is needed

Foils are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses. They will burst within different pressure ranges and are available for use with different dome sizes. All foils come as a pack of 5.

The foil type must be selected that require the dome size and bursting pressure range similar to the type of results typically worked with.

TruBurst working correctly between calibrationsThere is a product information sheet in each packet. This gives the actual test result of the batch when tested under specific conditions.

The foils should be tested on the instrument, under the same test conditions. The same result should be achieved (within the given tolerance) as on the product information sheet.

If the same results are reported, then the instrument can be used with confidence that results are accurate and valid.

If this is not achieved, it indicates a problem with the instrument and further assistance is required from a James Heal Engineer before carrying out further testing.