Sample Cutters

How do I change the blades on a specimen cutter?

Each cutter is supplied complete with one set of blades (fitted) and one spare set.

After each use, check the blades for wear or damage. If the blades are worn or damaged, they should be replaced.

Ensure that the safety catch is locked at all times whilst changing the blades.

  • Sit the cutter on the cutting board
  • Line up the retaining plate/blade with the access space
  • Using a screwdriver, loosen the blade retaining screws and slide the blade retaining plate off
  • The screw on the 38mm cutter must be removed fully to allow the plate to be removed
  • With care, either turn or replace the blades (note that blades may be rotated until all cutting corners have been used)
  • Replace the blade retaining plate and tighten the screw/s
  • Repeat this procedure for each blade where required