How is the correct pressure created on ThermaPlate specimens?

To achieve the correct operating pressure for the different standards, the test material and the specimen must be cut to a specific size in order to achieve 4kPa ± 1kPa.


James Heal supply a comprehensive range of standards specific test materials for ThermaPlate:

  • Multifibre
  • Grey scales
  • Felt
  • Cotton limbric

The following standards require the specimen and adjacent fabric to be 100mm x 100mm:

  • ISO 105-P01
  • JIS L 0879
  • GB 5718
  • AATCC 117
  • Adidas 5.09

The following standards require pre-cut felt and cotton limbric available from James Heal, which should be used with the specimen cut as per the standard:

  • ISO 105-X11
  • JIS 0850
  • GB 6152
  • AATCC 133

ThermaPlate is approved by M&S.