How long is a complete Lissajous pattern?

When carrying out abrasion testing on a Martindale to ISO 12947, it takes 16 rubs to create a complete lissajous pattern.

This is the familiar pattern created.
The total length of this pattern is 3.02 metres.

Depending on the fabric under test and the end purpose, the test will be run for different amounts of rubs.

20,000 rubs is a common specification for many fabrics, and is widely used.

When the Martindale has completed 20,000 rubs it will have completed 1250 full lissajous figures.

The total length of this is 3776.25 meters.

This is the equivalent of:

  • The length of 755 Olympic swimming pools
  • The length of 687 Ford Transit vans
  • The height of 39 Big Bens