How much detergent should be used with a Type A washing machine according to ISO 6330?

Wascator FOM 71 CLS is a type A, Automatic Washing Machine. Only Reference Detergents 2 (IEC A*), 3 (ECE A) and 6 (IEC A) should be used. These will be referred to as Detergent Base Powders for the purpose of this document.

A total of 20g of detergent should be used, NOT 100g as is sometimes mistakenly used.

The 20g is made up of three components:

  • Detergent Base Powder
  • Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate
  • Tetra-Acetylethylene (TAED)

These should be dry mixed throughly before adding to the dispenser.

These components should be used in the following proportions:

  • Detergent Base Powder 77 parts/percent (15.4g)
  • Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate 20 parts/percent (4g)
  • TAED 3 parts/percent (0.6g)

Once dry mixed, the detergent should be used immediately. 

If this is not possible, mixed detergent may be kept in a sealed container for a maximum of 14 days, provided this does not contradict the expiry dates on the individual components.