How to Copy new standards to the Control Module

FlexiBurn model 780 only

The standards for FlexiBurn model 780, sold between the years 2005 and 2018, are stored inside the memory of the Control Module.  From time to time it is necessary to add a new standard. 

The original versions of the FlexiBurn Data Logger were designed for Windows XP, however, with Windows Vista and above, and the introduction of strict User Account Control (UAC), the folder which contains the standards has to be duplicated as the Data Logger application can have problems accessing files in the Program Files path. 

This has caused problems when customers want to add standards and we copy or install them to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\James Heal\FlexiBurn\Standards

If we do this then the new standards are not visible and cannot be copied to the Control Module. 

In order for the FlexiBurn Data Logger application to use them, they must be copied or installed to the folder C:\ProgramData\James Heal\Flexiburn\Standards

If new standards are copied to the ProgramData path then they can be accessed via the Library function of the FlexiBurn Data Logger and uploaded to the Control Module.