Using the line contact plate on Martindale

Instructions for setting up a test using the Line Contact Plate on Martindale.

In house user-defined methods can be formulated using the line contact plate.

There is no published standard that we know of in which the line contact plate is referenced. This is a general user guide & can be modified.

User-defined abradant is applied to the pilling sample holder with double-sided tape & the ring weight put in place, again the application of load is user-defined.

The line contact plate is secured to the abrading table with double-sided tape.

Mount the specimen onto the Line Contact Plate with double-sided tape by positioning the tape along the line on the plate. Then place further pieces of tape on each side of the line, being careful not to overlap the tape to ensure ridges are not formed by the tape.

Set the user-defined motion by changing the position of the drive pegs:



Set the number of rubs required & start the test.

After test assess specimen as required.