What is the relationship between ISO 6330 5077 and 3759?

ISO 6330, 5077 and 3759 are all standards related to domestic washing and drying of clothes.

ISO 6330 Textiles - Domestic washing and drying procedures for textile testing

The instruments typically used in the UK would be the Wascator and AccuDry (tuble dryer). The Wascator is a standardised washing machine and AccudDry a standardised tumble dryer. The main use is for dimensional stability (commonly called shrinkage) and appearance testing.

ISO 5077 Textiles - Determination of dimensional change in washing and drying 

ISO 5077 is the test method which concerned with the determination of the dimensional change of fabrics, garments or other textile articles when subjected to an appropriate combination of specified washing and drying procedures.  

ISO 3759, Textiles - Preparation, marking and measuring of fabric specimens and garments in tests for determination of dimensional change. 

ISO 3759 outlines method for the preparation, marking and measuring of textile fabrics, garments and fabric assemblies for use in tests for assessing dimensional change after a specified treatment - in this case washing to the ISO 6330 procedure. 

We typically employ the shrinkage template and ruler for this purpose. 

The units used for dimensional stability are "%". 

A "+" value indicates an extension and a "-" value indicated shrinkage.