What are the main differences between TruBurst Lite & TruBurst Pro?

The software will run as TestWise Lite without a fully licenced dongle.

TestWise Lite allows for uploading of the data reports created on TruBurst  for printing and saving.

TestWise Pro information can be read but cannot be accessed without a dongle.

The bottom bar will display:

  • Dongle not found
  • Connected to COM3 - if TruBurst is connected
  • Test in Progress – during testing
Dongle Not Found

TestWise Pro for TruBurst is purchased separately to the TruBurst instrument.

With the fully licenced dongle in a USB port, the title of the software will change to TestWise Pro for TruBurst.

TruBurst can now be controlled through the PC software and all the features can be accessed.

(The test must be started at the instrument).

New standards can be created with a multitude of stage combinations on the Edit Standard screen.

Select from:

  • Burst
  • Pressure Cycle
  • Distension Cycle
  • Hold
  • Pressure target
  • Distension target

Edit StandardsTruBurst Pro also allows for the results to be exported to Excel.

Further details can be found in the TruBurst operator's guide, which can be downloaded below. 

TruBurst Operator's Guide