What is ElastAbrasion?

ElastAbrasion has been designed for determining the abrasion resistance of elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers.

The instrument conforms to PV 3984, a standard used in the motor industry, developed for engine mounts.

ElastAbrasion allows 4 elastomeric samples to be tested simultaneously.

It eliminates the use the traditional BAM reference rubber to verify the abradant, as each piece of sandpaper is discarded after one use.

The user does not need to attend the instrument to brush away the debris as the compressed air continually blows this away.

Users will see approximately 80% reduction in cost and time over traditional methods, and reduced variability of results.

There is scope to develop test methods appropriate for tyres and shoes, or any other material that currently requires the use of the rotary drum abrader, or other similar methods.

Our innovation team welcome any other requests for further development of this instrument and accessories.


  •  PV 3984 Elastomers and Thermoplastic Elastomers – Determination of Abrasion
  •  ASTM **** (under construction)
  •  Potential to develop many more