What is the purpose of the TruBurst Calibration Plate?

The calibration plate (stock code 550-005) is supplied with TruBurst - James Heal’s Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester.

The flow control method is used for M&S P27:2010 and adidas 4.09.

  • Select the chosen standard and check that the correct test area is being used.
  • Set the supply pressure from the compressor to 6 ± 0.2 bar (600 ± 20 kPa or 87± 3 PSI).
  • Use the green 777-134 Plain Diaphragms (1mm).
  • Place the metal calibration plate between the test dome and the clamp ring / diaphragm. 
  • Touch “YES” to start automatic flow calibration.
  • TruBurst will automatically calibrate to the rate of:

          70 ±1kPa/s for Adidas® Test Method 4.09 

          24±1kPa/s M&S P27 Fabric

          45 ±1kPa/s M&S P27 Lace

Further details can be found in the Operator’s Guide for TruBurst which can be downloaded below. 

TruBurst Operator's Guide