What is the shelf life for standard soaps and reference detergents?

Once received by end user: Unopened:    18 months Opened:        6 months

  • We are often asked about the shelf life of these products because of the critical testing and colour fastness applications in which they are used
  • For unopened and undamaged containers, it is 18 months
  • Once opened, the container must be tightly closed and stored in cool and dry conditions.  Dispose of the remainder after 6 months according to local Regulations
  • When decanting the product from the container use only clean and dry implements, such as scoops, spatulas, etc. Replace the cover immediately and ensure it is sealed fully and correctly
  • It should be accepted that this is a product designed to a specification set down in International Standards and is intended for testing purposes only. As such, the product contains no preservatives.  In addition, some of the ingredients are prone to absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere.  This will not only reduce the excellent flow properties of the powder but may reduce the stability of the compound by initiating the biodegradation process. The active weight of the product will also be reduced if moisture is absorbed
  •  With the exception of IEC(A*), the products contain no enzymes, i.e., they are not “biological” detergent products IEC(A*) contains a protease enzyme
  • The “phosphate” containing detergents are more prone to biological degradation under moist conditions than the phosphate free types
  • Solutions of the detergent are not stable for more than a few hours and should be freshly made immediately before required for testing
  • Products and solutions containing “optical brightening agent” should be stored away from light (in darkness)
  • Solutions containing sodium perborate have very limited stability due to decomposition of the peroxy compound
  • Additions of oxygen-active compounds should be made immediately prior to testing
  • This information does not replace the Materials Safety Data Sheet