Which weights and accessories do I need for stretch fabrics on FlexiFrame?

ASTM D2594 - Stretch properties of knitted fabrics having low power, can be performed on FlexiFrame.

This standard consists of 2 stages – both of which are carried out on FlexiFrame.

Every specimen for both stages of the method is sewn securely into a loop of fabric. They are then attached to FlexiFrame with a hanger through the upper clamp. To do this, open the clamp and feed the hanger through, and rest on the front bolt.

A second hanger is attached through the bottom of the specimens.

For stage 1, unlock the 2 lower clamp stoppers with the 4mm hex key, slide to the top of the grooves and relock. Slide the clamp up and feed the hanger through under the front bolt. Stretch to a pre-determined percentage for a given period of time. Remove the hanger and measure at intervals.

For stage 2, a 5lb or 10lb weight is hung from the lower clamp. The specimen is cycled and then hung at full extension and measured.

Fabric growth and stretch properties are calculated.

Refer to standard for full details.

The following are supplied with each 3-stationed instrument, and so this standard can be performed with these standard accessories supplied:

FlexiFrame Table