Why do detergents not contain TAED and sodium perborate?

Sodium perborate is added to detergents as its oxidative power improves cleaning, bleaching and stain removal performance of the detergents.

It reacts with water in the wash test and releases oxygen at elevated temperatures >60°C and so acts as a hydrogen peroxide bleach.

It can be used at lower temperatures if used in conjunction with TAED – a bleach activator. This activates the hydrogen peroxide and generates paracetic acid. This is a faster and more efficient bleach at temperatures below 60°C.

Sodium Perborate and TAED are classed as unstable and so are not suitable to be premixed with detergents.

Also not all wash tests specify to use Sodium Perborate or TAED, so having them already in the detergent would render the detergent unsuitable.

James Heal is able to supply TAED as either a 250g container (706-735) or a 500g container (706-743).

James Heal is unable to supply Sodium Perborate as it is classed as hazardous.