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Why do we install TestWise 20xx for “Just Me” as opposed to “Everybody” or "All Users" ?

This FAQ explains why we install TestWise for "Just me" rather than any other version.

In 2012 it was decided that it was difficult and potentially dangerous to allow different PC users to login and use the TestWise application which is connected to the instrument.  

This is because the Titan (machine) settings and TestWise user information have to be stored here:

C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\James Heal\TestWise20xx\System

This is the best place for settings that can be changed and remembered in Windows.

The problem of multiple Windows users logging in would mean that Titan settings are changed or set to default. It also opens up the possibility that untrained users can login to the same and alter the shared software settings. For example, loadcell calibration values may be lost, meaning test results would be invalid but the user may not notice.

We are aware that it is not ideal to have several different people with the same Windows user login to operate the Titan instrument. We have previously looked into resolving it and tried to store the settings in other “shared” locations in Windows but ran into various security problems.

Therefore, we recommend that TestWise is installed to a single Windows user account only. For simplicity, many of our customers have adopted "lab" or "titan" as the Windows username.